Daniel R. Garcia, PE, REA, CPP, AMA
November 2015
Getting ready for my trip to Almaty, Kazakhstan as I write this blog. This year has been quite a mixed bag. From my trip to Koh Samui with my honey to my return to the Czech Republic to rekindle my family ties, this year has been definitely full of life and rewarding for my soul. I'm looking forward to my month in China in April with Huck. We are planning to pack a lot in that month. I am looking forward to it myself. For Huck, he doesn't get out much but I'm sure it will be fine for him to finally taste real life outside of Delaware. Mom is doing fine recovering from her hip surgery. Freddie & Marisse are enjoying their life. Odalys's Dad passed away and was buried last Friday at Holy Cross. Nolan and Linda's new place is much nicer than their old place. Tom in Pahrump is doing fine. We hung out for a weekend last month. Turkey day at cousin Kim's is around the corner when I return. Cheers! Peace, Love and the Rent is too Damn High! Pictures: http://www.danricky.mysite.com

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