Daniel R. Garcia, PE, REA, CPP, AMA
January 2016
Happy New Year! Last year must have been the best so far. It would be tough to out-do it in 2016. But I may. Traveling to Almaty, Kazakhstan in November was fantastic along with the birthday party in Cesky Budavice in the Czech Republic in September and also the summer vacation in Koh Samui, Thailand. Hopefully all of you out there are enjoying good health! I am vigilant and hopeful that Steve Fisher will get a new liver and kidney, Arianne Bola and Slavica Dedivac will overcome their health problems. They are always in my thoughts and prayers. They are my heroes! I am convincing my Goddaughter's mom to turn her into a martial artist. I may be making progress. Cassandra is so cute and I love her like my own daughter. Pete & Huck are doing fine in Delaware. It was nice visiting with them and Frank in Pennsylvania last July as well. They may be back in California this year but we will meet in San Fran. Peace, Love and the Rent is too Damn High! Pictures: http://www.danricky.mysite.com

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