Daniel R. Garcia, PE, REA, CPP, AMA
April 2016
Huck's visit was a blast! We got to meet Esther Kang at Suzy's when she played her set and was fantastic! We also went kayaking with Freddie finally in Huntington Harbor. I was also able to rendezvous in Sonoma/Napa for my annual wine collection for the year. Now I have to gear up to pass another brown belt level test before I can get my black belt! Almost there! It's definitely been busy for me both socially and work. I can't wait to take another vacation. China is calling me! This weekend I am going back up north to San Francisco to do some after-tax shopping to relieve my stress. No matter how much karate I take, it seems like the IRS rapes me every year! Have a good Spring! Peace, Love and the Rent is too Damn High! Pictures: http://www.danricky.mysite.com

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