Daniel R. Garcia, PE, REA, CPP, AMA
May 2015
The new pad is proving to be a great place to spend Memorial Day! With the view of the ocean, I don't have to go anywhere! The BBQ is a great addition to my life as well. After my bike ride with Eric and Steve yesterday, we got to see the sunny beach day with Hermosa Fiesta and get that excercise this weekend. In anticipation of Pete, Huck and Deborah's arrival, it will be great to hang out with my old friends. I may get a new couch for their visit. Work was pretty busy for the past month but now I expect it to slow down a bit (good). I am planning my month long trip to China in the upcoming future. But I will probably make some short jaunts to Thailand, the Philipines and Russia in the near future as well. Eric may join me for one and Huck for another. The Magic Castle on Saturday night was fantastic with some of the acts coming from all over the world. After missing the past couple of months, enjoyed. Peace, Love and the Rent is too Damn High! Pictures: http://www.danricky.mysite.com

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