Daniel R. Garcia, PE, REA, CPP, AMA
May 2017
Hi Everybody! Currently on my way to see the love of my life in Korea! Yes, I'm getting back with Namjoo! I miss her deeply. I will first make a stop in Japan. Life in LA has been great! Living on the beach has been a dream! Tanya is keeping my engine running still. She is also very Sexy! I will be in the Czech Republic this summer for a couple of weeks to celebrate Marianka's and Michelle's birthday. Huck and Pete will be here in August. I will be there in September for my Octoberfest duty before my Interwest retreat in Shelter Island. Rashida wants me to meet her soon but I may rendezvous with her in November. We will probably visit Iguazu Falls before going to Rio. That's about it for me this year. Oh yeah, karate is going well. Peace, Love and the Rent is too Damn High! Pictures: http://www.danricky.mysite.com

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Email : dan@dangarcia.org
Phone : 310.316.2702
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POB 1041
Palos Verdes Estates
CA - 90274